Blog Series

Seeing What We Want To See

A series about how we make people human mirrors when we project our expectations onto them to avoid confronting ourselves and our own issues. And I pull examples from my favorite TV shows and films to push things even further.

Song of Songs and Passion Pit

A series about the difference between selfish love and selfless love, pulling examples from Song of Songs, a collection of 3,000 year old love poems that celebrates selfless love, and Passion Pit’s sophomore album Gossamer, an account of lead singer Michael Angelakos putting his loving girlfriend, Kristy through his struggle with bipolar disorder, depression and selfish love.

The Holy Spirit Is a Monster

So from all this I’ve come to understand the concept of monster as an unsettling event that appears in order to disrupt and malfunction everything we consider natural and normal. It short circuits the idea of predictability and calls all structures and norms into question. But most of all it leaves one restless and disturbed; so disturbed that one may even be led to do something about this new revelation of horrific truth. And is this not what one could mean when they say they are ‘led by the Spirit’?” (from Part 1)

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